Inherited Grandma's Teddy Bear

by Alisha C.
(Nampa, Idaho, United States)

grandmas tedy bear

grandmas tedy bear

I am looking for information about a teddy bear that I inherited when my grandmother passed away. She was born in 1933 and died in 2005. I do not know if this teddy bear was bought or home made by my grandmother or a another family member. The bear has orange plastic, I believe, eyes. The nose is a black pom-pom like material that looks like it was glued on and the mouth is red felt, in the shape of a teardrop, most likely also glued on. The bear is two toned. It mostly has a honey brown body but the mask around the eyes, and the ears, hands and feet are a cream colored. At one time there was a wide yellow ribbon tied around it's neck. I do not know what the stuffing is made out of or what the material is of the fur. There are no tags. I think it is possible that the bear was home made but if you have any information I would appreciate it. Thanks.

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