Inherited Teddy

by Tressa Allen
(Houston, TX)

Brown teddy bear

Brown teddy bear

This bear is eighteen inches tall. Each arm and each leg is six and one-half inches long.

Its head is round and is six inches at the widest.
Its oval curved body is seven inches long.
Each limb and the head move easily. Therefore it sits well but can not stand.
It is medium brown with a dark brown muzzle. It has round amber eyes with dark centers. I believe the eyes are plastic. Within its muzzle is a black plastic molded nose below which is a black line leading to a red felt tongue.
Two round ears sit atop the head.
There is stitching running from the top center of the muzzle up to just behind the head. There is also stitching running across that area to each ear.
There is stitching running the length of the front of the curved oval body. There is stitching running down the front of each leg and down the back of each arm.
There are pink corduroy pads on each limb. The pads on the arms are oval and the pads on the feet are oval tear drop shape. The pads are surrounded with vertical dark hand stitching.
I do not know what the fur material is. It is even in length, about 1/4 inch and it is soft, smooth and reflective due to the nap.
It orginaly had a pink ribbon around its neck.
I also do not know what the stuffing is. The ears are soft. The head is fairly firm and each limb and body is only a little less firm. It will give with pressure but springs back.
This bear was given to my mother by my father. They were married in 1946.
The teddy bear is in great condition, it was never played with by a child.

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