Is he the Rare Steiff Cheetah/Leapord Bear

by Mark

Steiff Cheetah/Leapord Bear

Steiff Cheetah/Leapord Bear

I recently got this bear and I believe it is a Steiff. He is app. 12.5" tall and 4" wide. He has really soft blonde fur with black spots. I am pretty sure it is Mohair. All the limbs are moveable by the way of discs that you can feel. The eyes look to be glass and have an eye ball inside but when put under light seem to be solid black. There feels like a hole in the left ear where a button could have been. I knew when I found him that I remembered seeing a show that was all about these Teddy Bears that there arms and legs were moveable. I would like to know exactly what it is. I do not know what else to say except this. For you all to require some one to write 400 words to be able to submit their description is absolutely ridiculous. I do not gave any thing else to say. And yes if the price is right, then he is for sale.

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