Is my bear a Chad Valley bear

by Regina Northeast
(Hobart Tasmania Australia)

Chad Valley Bear?

Chad Valley Bear?

I have the exact same bear as in the picture at the top of this site. I received Furry Edward when I was around four in 1958 so that would make him 62 years old this year. He has a squeaker (not a growler as such) and his body is stuffed with shavings of some sort. His head came loose so that's how I know the stuffing is not kapok. . All limbs are moveable. Eyes are brown plastic (flat at the back) and as in the picture stitched nose and mouth and mine has long black stitching on paws and feet. His pads are creamy colour and not brown. Still in quite good condition considering his age. I have researched bears online and the closest I can find is the Chad Valley range.
My grandkids don't like him because they consider him not very cuddly but he has always been a part of my life and I think he is wonderful. In some ways great the grandkids don't like him because he is left alone and remains in good condition.

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