Is My Bear Bear a Hermann?

by Lisa Daugherty
(Pensacola, FL, USA)

Hermann bear ?

Hermann bear ?

Hello. I was given the honor of becoming Bear Bear's lifelong friend when I was 6 years old. Our next door neighbor was a German lady. She was single and had a son my age. We were playing in the back yard and I got hit with a baseball bat in the face. Yep. 7 stitches. She felt so very badly and decided to give me her childhood teddy bear. She told my mom that her son had no interest in her bear, and she knew that I would love him forever. I named him Bear Bear. He makes a sweet little growl when turned over and back. I have always said he is "The Bear that Goes Baahhaa". At first I thought he was a Steiff, but I don't think so. Someone told me he might be a Hermann. So after almost 50 years I have started to find out what he is. I estimate that if my neighbor had the bear when she was little it must be from the 30's or 40's. I really don't have a clue how old she really was. I don't remember anything about her except she had very blonde hair, was lovely and taught me to cook Ravioli on the stove. :) Is there anything you can tell me about him? Thank you so very much for helping me and I am happy to answer questions.

Thanks so much.

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