Is my little dog allowed on Totally Teddy Bears?

by Darren
(Chester, Cheshire, United Kingdom)

Hello all, hope you are all well? First of all I am really not sure if my little dog is allowed on this site, so please accept my apologies if he isn't.

So here he is, I was given him in the late 70's by my aunt Hilda, when he came in to my possession he was basically earless so my dad made the mistake of making 2 leather ears and sticking them on him, as you can see his material is rough and course, he is about 6 inches long and 4 inches high, to me he has glass eyes and a red collar, he has a look of a German shepherd or an alsatian about him. He has a black stitched nose and mouth, nothing on his paws. On his red collar it does look like he could have had some kind of tag at one point because there is a metal clip kind of thing on his collar with a small metal ferrule attached.
All I would like to know is if anyone could shed any light on where he come from, who could have made him, any information at all or anotherforum I could ask in. Many thanks for your help and I'm really sorry if 'no dogs are allowed'.
Best wishes to you all.

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Jan 11, 2021

by: Kate

Well, he wouldn't normally be allowed on the site as he isn't strickly speaking a bear. But he's so cute I will let him on, just this once :)

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