Is this a Bing or Steiff German Bear

by Brigit

critical looking Teddy

critical looking Teddy

This Teddy has been in the family now for 25 years. It was given to my mother by a then 75 year old neighbour, who wanted it to end up some place where it would be appreciated. He came along with a Kestner and a Heubach Porcelaine doll. Since my mother was a doll maker, these toys ended up in the right place. My mom passed away rather young 11 years ago, I ended up with the collection and was thinking of shrinking it this year. So I took pictures of the Bear. I ended up sorting the pictures and all of a sudden I created a relationship with this bear. In the pictures he gives me the critical look as if he was saying: You really want me to go?! ;-)

He is seriously gorgeous. He was estimated worth 3-3500 Marks decades ago, though no one could not tell with certainty whether he is a Steiff or possibly a Bing. I would appreciate - if someone recognised who manufactured this darling - to share this information with me. I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Have a wonderful day
Brigit from Germany

What a lovely looking bear, he certainly is very handsome.
I have looked through some of my books and yes he does look more like an early steiff than a bing but his eyes look wrong. Early steiff were black boot buttons and yours looks like larger two colour eyes which bing did have after the first world war. Perhaps this bear had his eyes replaced at some time in the past.

But his nose stitch does look more Steiff than bing. Bing bears seem to have a thicker stitch between the nose and the mouth.

It can be very difficult to identify these old bears as their designs often copied each other. I am no expert but my feeling is he is more Steiff than anything else. Shame there is no tags or ear button.

Perhaps someone else can help identify this bear.

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Jun 20, 2022
He looks very like my beloved bear
by: Jane

This bear looks very much like my Hermann bear from 1935. My Dad bought him for me (aged 2) in 1948 while stationed in Buckeberg. He paid a couple of lbs of coffee for him. I love him dearly and have him still. He still growls too!

Apr 23, 2020
Definitely a Bing
by: Anonymous

Hello, Your Teddy is definitely a Bing and is so sweet.

Mar 17, 2019
Bear I.D.
by: Lisa

I'm a Steiff collector. I think it is a Bing; they have a distinctive, long muzzle. I'm pretty sure.

Jan 17, 2018
Bear id
by: Anonymous

Looks like a verna bear made in Australia between 1940s to 1980s.

Jun 17, 2017
my teddy
by: janet

My bear is similar but small black eyes and less nose stitching at the top snout part.
Seams down back and front trunk but not on legs.

Have you got any further ahead with knowing?

May 20, 2017
Ein echter Bing, super
by: Anonymous

Hallo, ihr Beitrag ist nun schon etwas älter.
Aber ich habe gerade Kunst und Krempel angeschaut.BR-Fernsehen. Hier wurde gerade dieser Bär gezeigt. Es ist tatsächlich eindeutig ein Bing.
Merkmale: Sichelarme mit den 4 Krallen. Der Buckel. Der aufrechte Körper. Die 4Krallen an den Füßen....
Ein echter Schatz.Gratulation

Jul 26, 2015
Related Issue
by: enVide neFelibata

Hi, ... this is mine. Don't know his name also.

He has:
Seams at the front of his belly.
Seams at the back/top of his legs.
Seams at the top of his arms.
Woods shavings inner guts.
Big nose.
Big back hump.
Curved arms.

Can't remember more ...

Feb 22, 2015
Re: Is this a Bing or Steiff German Bear
by: Anonymous

To me this Teddy looks more like a Bing than a Steiff. Does he has seams on the backside of his leg? Would be another hint for a Bing.

Nov 27, 2013
..never thought about that°
by: Brigit

Thank you so much Kate , I have never thought about that. Looking closer this might be a serious possibility, for everyone so far has leaned towards Steiff. But, now after you said that it really seems the eyes have been replaced it is close to obvious. Although I like them, they really make this bear totally alive.
Thank you so much for your feedback, I really appreciate it!

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