Is This A German Teddy Bear?

by Maureen

Is this a german bear

Is this a german bear

My German mother had this bear as a child and it was passed onto me after her passing age 84 yrs.

Its muzzle is beige felt type fabric with black felt nose and his tongue is sticking out.

He has big black and brown plastic eyes

The filling is soft.

He is 48 cms tall.

He has a red buckled collar but I'm not sure if this is original. He did have a red and white label under his right arm unfortunately it as been cut out.

He has felt paws and a white chest his fur is soft and a champagne light brown colour.

He is in very good condition.

My first reaction when i saw this bear is that he is later than the 1950's. This is because of his general look. I.e his fur looks synthetic and the fact that he is not jointed. Also the shape of his head looks modern.

Looking through my books I cannot see another bear like him, however if you say he is German and that he had a white and red label it does sound like a later Steiff bear. I have found a couple of Steiff bears made in the 1980s which also have this white patch on the chest.

However I cannot be sure that he is a Steiff and so all I can really tell you is that my gut feeling is that he may have been made in the 1980's. Plastic eyes, soft fillings and synthetic fur all indicate a bear after the 1950's and his general looks does look more modern than that.

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Feb 24, 2020
by: Hazel

I forgot to add: the red collar is not original. At least, my bear never had one, and there aren't any collars on any of the Plüti bears in their catalogue photos (link in my previous comment). So it must have been added by your mother. I'm sorry for your loss.

Feb 23, 2020
This is a Plüti brand bear.
by: Hazel

Yes, it is a German teddy bear. The brand is Plüti. I don't know when the bear was issued, but my mother purchased the same bear for me in a Berlin department store in either 1988 or 1989. I remember whole shelves of them, so they were probably a brand new product at that time.

The only difference between your bear and mine is that mine has pink fur. I still have it, with that red-and-white label on the side, which says 'Plüti qualität' and shows picture warnings about how to handle the toy (keep away from flames, don't wash above 30 degrees, etc).

You can see a picture of your bear and find out its product number on Plüti's website here:

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