Is This A Rare Russ Berrie Bear?

(Mrs Ashleigh Hatton)

Lady Eleri

Lady Eleri

Have i found a rare Hand signed russ bear?

I have just bought a bear in a second hand shop in sunshone coast, Queensland Australia. I think it might be extremely rare as its hand signed on its left foot. It is a vintage collection Russ Berrie bear. Lady Eleri is stitched on its bum. It Has original bag, with blanket switched inside still. Clothes and bear fully intact. Buttons on bear read russ bears. A Button on right paw says vintage edition with a tag that then says vintage collection russ. However on its left foot there is a signature in pen that I thought was a child's pen squiggle however it matches perfectly with Russ berries signature on other bears that are normally embroided into the right foot. From what I have researched there is no signature style of this bear and I believe Russ must have hand signed this himself. I would be greatful for any information you may be able to share on this please?

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