Is this a true vintage Teddy or a good fake?

by Jessica Kerger
(Toledo, OH. USA)

Sweet face

Sweet face

I found this 40” teddy at an Estate Sale at a very high end home. He seemed to be looking at me with a forlorn expression as all the items were sold around him. I offered $2 for him and it was accepted, so they didn’t think it was a collectible bear. He’s so well made though. All the joints and seaming are nicely done. The peachy pink material of his paws is different than the plush of his body. While I don’t think it is mohair, the way it is stuffed feels the same as my father’s 1930’s absolutely authentic Steiff bear: fairly stiff and sort of crunches when you push in. I cannot tell if his eyes are glass or plastic. His nose is a velvet material, which along with his height and red tongue seem to distinguish him from most I’ve seen on line. If he is a modern bear, I still don’t understand why there wouldn’t be a tag or a remnant of a tag somewhere! In style he looks like a Merrythought bear to me. Thanks for any help you can offer even if of the non-vintage kind!

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