Is this bear 1 of a kind

by Sarah Edwards
(Berwick upon tweed )

teddy bear

teddy bear

I have a brown bear who is sadly missing it's ears and has been well loved.

It is about 40 years old still has the original eyes and nose.
I have had him since I was a baby and I think it's time for him to find a new home.
He is a growler teddy and it still makes the original sound.
His fur is missing in some bits but hasn't been repaired so still has the original fur on.
I don't have any children to pass him down to he has been in my family for at least 40 years if not maybe longer.
The arms and legs move and have never had to be repaired.
I'm looking for someone who might know what sort of bear he is.
I don't have a label on him as that did come off.
He has light tanned paws which are still in good condition.
If anyone knows what sort of bear he is I would appreciate in finding out.
My email is
Any information would be greatly appreciated

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