John Doe Bear

by Lauren

Saggy Old Bear

Saggy Old Bear

There was a tag on but it was ripped off. The bears fur I cant really tell which it is, I've looked through common types of bear's fur and not sure which category it would be placed in. Its definitely not Mohair. I don't know if you can tell in the photos. The body shape is pear shaped and flexible. Its about 21'' long. The arms are plump at the bottom and start to become thinner near the start of the arm. On all the limbs they have some type of plastic pellets on the bottom then just regular stuffing in the head stomach and etc. The limb sizes are: Arms: 8 1/5 inches. The legs: 7 1/5 inches. The Muzzle: 3 1/4 inches. The eyes are beaded almost glass like but I doubt that. There's no humps. There are earmuffs on the side of the head and underneath the ears but the fabric that connected them and go over the head were cut off and now it looks like 2 plaid circles on the side of the bears head. I love this bear and I'm not looking to sell or think its vintage, or have any of that value. I just want to find out more information on a long friend of mine.

Thanks so much.

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