Just curious about my oldest friend

by Norbert C.

My old teddy bear friend

My old teddy bear friend

I have this teddy bear since I can remember I'm 32 now but I know that it was given to me by an old friend of the family when I was just a baby and I've been carrying around since then it has a great sentimental value I'm not trying to get rid of him I'm just curious about where he came from he's about 26cm, he's head is attached to his torso and the limbs are sewn. The arms are about 9.5cm long and 3cm thick, the legs about 11.5cm long and 4cm thick, the torso about 8cm long and 6cm thick, the head about 7.5cm long and 6cm thick from the nose to his back. The nose and mouth are hand made sewn. The eyes are brown with black pupils and has a unrecognizable tag in between his right leg and right arm. The material inside is not crunchy but firm. It had some limbs re sewn to the torso a long time ago but I've never seen inside. If anyone out there has any idea of his provenance or age or anything please share it with me.

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