Large bear two colors

by Danish

Large Teddy Bear

Large Teddy Bear

My bear is a large bear with a hunchback. About 25 to 26 inches from feet to head (about 65 cm). His eyes are black buttons. His nose is also black, no leather but I have no idea what material it is. It has nostrils and funny drops on it. The 'hands' reach over the knees. The legs are also long, a little bend. Feet like elongated eggs, I would say. Under its snout a line of stitching the fur, the line goes through under his snout and over its belly and over the hunchback on his back. Also, both arms have stitched fur. Also, the back of its head has 2 stitched lines and his snout has two stitched lines on top and one below. What I like most about this old bear is its color(s). The upside of one arm is black or very dark-brown fur, the inside of the arm is dark-brown. One leg has also both blackish brown fur and brown and stitched both on top and down the legs. The color of the bear would be best describes as dark-brown and black, or very dark-brown. The bear has two colors. Not tipped but two different colors fur, some parts are dark-brown and some more black-brown parts. His belly is round. His pointy snout has shaved fur. I call it fur because I have no idea or it is mohair. His feet-pats and paw-pads are also shaved fur, and they are also brown (hand paws) and black (feet paw pats). No stitched nails at any paws visible! No marks in ear or body visible. The hand-pats are darker brown (black I think) than the feet pats (obviously brown). Hard circles in arms and upper-body, also used for the head. No stitch for mouth. I didn't find a similar bear yet and I would love to know more about him/her. Thanks for any reply :)

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