Large Hump Back Seated teddy bears

This teddy bear, named Bruin belonged to my mother-in - law, Audrey Pretious (nee Scholic). She was born in 1914 and had an older sister. Her parents were posted to Kenya and when she was just four her sister died. She couldn’t understand where her sister had gone and was very sad. To help her, her parents bought her this teddy bear in 1918 as consolation. I have no idea where he was purchased but possibly in U.K. He has no identifying marks or labels. Bruin was very well loved and accompanied my mother in law to boarding school, always a great comfort fr her. Her parents were then posted to Swaziland and Bruin went as well. There she met her future husband and was married. Bruin was never consoled her when their first child died and their second child was born with Down Syndrome. Their final two children were wonderfully healthy and Bruin witnessed the joy. They were then posted to Borneo and Bruin went along too, very carefully wrapped and packed. He returned to Swaziland and that is where I met Bruin when I married, Rob, their only son. Bruin stayed and I admired him and his age at that time. Bruin retired with Audrey and Cuthbert when they went to Durban, South Africa. After my father in law’s death Audrey lived alone with Bruin and finally died in 2007. Bruin had seen her through all the years of us and didn’t was and he d never been abandoned. When she died I kept Bruin and finally gave him t my eldest daughter. She still has him sitting on his own chair in pride f place n her lounge. He des look very much in need of repair now. He is about 18inches high and is in a permanent sitting position with the knees bent up. He has a hunch back, a big flat head, sparse pale beige fur, ears tilting forward and it looks as though he once had a growl. He’s still much loved and has had an eventful life and I would love to know his origins.

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