Large Teddy Bear

by Charles

Large Teddy Bear

Large Teddy Bear

Hi, I recently came across your great website. I was clearing a property in London recently and came across a lovely bear sitting in a cupboard feeling a bit lost and lonely and wanted to know a bit more about it and if anyone can help I would be really appreciative. I have had a thorough look over the bear and cannot see any labels tickets or studs which would give an indication of who it is made by and therefore I am a bit stumped of how to identify it and give it an age. It doesn't look like its a new bear and may have some age to it but I`m no expert and may be wrong. The bear stands about 70 - 80 cms tall and is about 40 - 45 cms wide so it is quite a big bear and does have some presence and is definitely a handful. The arms and legs of the bear all move individually allowing it to stand or sit in different positions, definitely gives the bear some individuality. The head of the bear dosnt seem to move and is static. The bear is quite heavy and when you touch it it is quite solid and dsnt give any give to it, no squidyness or plumpness so not the best to snuggle up against but more of a bear to sit proudly in any room. The bears coat is mostly there but there are a couple of places where it is starting to thin, brown in colour and the texture of the coat is not soft but again it is not wiry. The nose and the ends of each paw have a material which looks like it is old leather. The material has started to crack and deteriorate on all the paws probably because of age rather than being played with and on one of the paws there is a small hole and you can see the innards of the bear poking through. The innards of the bear seem to be of a straw type material which is quite dense and looks quite old. The eyes of the bear seem to be more of a plastic material as opposed to glass and are black and orange in colour. The ears of the bear are all intact with some thinning in places. The bear also has a knitted bonnet in red on it which I am not sure is its original clothing.
I have attached a picture of the bear and I would be really appreciative if you would be able to let me have an indication of age, origin and any value.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards


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Nov 03, 2016
Re: Large Teddy Bear
by: LizzieB

Hi Charles,
Your bear is very similar to a Pedigree bear I have. Paw pads on my bear are of a velvety material, though.
Pedigree are an English company I believe. You may be able to check this lovely bear with the company if it is still producing.

Good luck


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