Late 90s Bear

by Megan

Photo from 1999

Photo from 1999

Hi everyone, I need some help identifying my teddy bear that my grandmother gave me sometime in the late 90s potentially between 97-99. I have attached a picture of it from 1999 and what it looks like today. It has black eyes and a hard brown nose. It’s smile is from brown thread. It had a different fabric on its inner ears, mouth, and bottoms of feet. It used to have some type of white tag on the left butt cheek seam that eventually wore off with age. I am looking for the brand that might have made this bear or sellers who have these in their vintage stock. My mom believes my grandmother may have purchased it from JC Penny or Sears in southern Georgia. I am pregnant and would love for my child to have the same bear that I adored growing up! I still have the bear it is just too sentimental to share with my future little girl.

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