Late 90's/Early 00's Bear

by Sev
(The Netherlands )

Full body

Full body

I've had this thing since my second birthday. Since it's seen such extensive use it's worn beyond any real value other than personal, so I'm not looking to sell it, rather just to see if there's any way to identify it and possibly buy a newer condition one. Of note is that the picture doesn't show a bowtie it used to have that eventually fell off, I believe it also came with a small ribbon on the top of its head that was supposed to be used for hanging it up. The bowtie was a plaid pattern in red-white-green colours much like the ears. Though it doesn't look it, the bear used to be quite thick and fluffy, even the ears being of the same thickness as the rest of the bear. The "toe beans" for lack of a better word used to be a filled-in reddish brown colour, and it had matching smile lines on its face that were made from an incredibly thin seam, so it was never all that visible, though I guess it's completely gone now. I also seem to remember the bow being quite thick and rigid, though it was still made from fabric, but I think it was woven into the bear's neck, as opposed to just being something removable like wrapped around its neck. Last thing I want to mention is that I got this thing in former Yugoslavia somewhere around the late nineties/very early two thousands, but I feel like I might've seen a picture of someone owning a similar one, or a picture of one in a store somewhere online several years ago too, somewhere outside of the ex-Yu area. The colour is off too, it used to be a much lighter sort of cream as opposed to the raggish brown he is now. I really want to stress that I think the green-white-red plaid ears/bowtie and red string on its head meant for hanging it up are the two most prominent features I remember. Aside from that the nose doesn't have any holes, it's more or less just a solid dark-brown diamond-shaped button. One last thing that I suppose is worth mentioning is that the tail, to my recollection was just the way it's portrayed in the picture (just more plump obviously), that is to say a small D-shape protruding out of the rear, I don't think it had any decorative items or distinctive stitchings in it. The slump atop its head is also not intended, it was just a byproduct of wear and tear, eventually it had to be stitched back up like that. I'd be immensely appreciative if someone could identify this bear or at least its brand, as it's such a seminal part of my childhood and even my teenage years, and it really means the world to me.

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