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by Julie
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brown teddy bear

brown teddy bear

Anyone able to ID this fellow?

Went to an antiques mall this weekend that I hadn't been to before, and stumbled onto a dealer's booth who is an antique teddy bear collector who is thinning out her own collection. She had several bears for sale, some of which had repairs, and a Hermann and Steiff Zotty bear, both that were tempting. -BUT- instead, I brought this fellow home.

He measures 24" and has movable head and limbs. He's excelsior stuffed. Eyes are glass, though are slightly different, so one - or both - probably replacement. Nose looks re-done, and there was sewing on his back seam that is a repair. Even so I thought he was too darn cute to leave in that antiques store! He was wearing the red ribbon with antique pin that says "Committee" and another pin that commemorates the August 1913 assembly of the Lahambra, Penn. Beneficial Society. Seems he served on a committee! :)

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