Lefray musical Teddy bear

by Louise

Lefray musical Teddy bear

Lefray musical Teddy bear

My bear is a Lefray musical Teddy bear, made in England.

I bought him about 35 years ago from a local sale.
He is in very good condition, he actually has two labels on his sides (one in each side- I think this may have been an error when he was made?)
He has a small gap in his sewn nose (but I think this adds to his character)
He has fully movable arms, legs and head and has brown plastic eyes.
He has lovely fluffy ears and a nice golden coat.
His wind up music is on his back- it plays Brahams lullaby and works absolutely fine.

I would love to know his approximate age?

Also if his two labels are rare or was this standard for Lefray bears?

Thank you

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