Lewis My Teddy Bear

by Delcina

back view of Lewis the teddy bear

back view of Lewis the teddy bear

I have had Lewis my whole like (31 years) and my mother had him for a couple prior to me. He isn’t in horrible shape for being run through the mill, his nose felt has work off and some of his stitching shows a little on his seems. He is a dark brown bear with tan inner ears and snout, as well as the bottoms on his back paws. He is around a foot tall and about 7-8 inches wide. His front paws are solid brown. His back paws have three small round leather pads and a big heart leather pad to make up the ‘palm’ of the paw. He has a nm round nub for a tail. As far as I know he never had clothing or anything additional on him. He does sport a lovely John Deere bandana though :) thanks in advance for any information you can get about my Lewis!

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