light coloured teddy Bear

by Alix Crawford
(Glasgow Scotland)

light coloured teddy bear

light coloured teddy bear

I am inquiring about my bear not for collecting or selling purposes, but simply because I have grown up with this bear and I would love to know about his origins. He is a light coloured teddy with rounded ears and short fur, his eye are a deep brown that are made from some form of bead I think. His nose is a light brown that is made from thread, with a protruding snout that is also round. He has a (now faded) brown smile stitching on his snout. His limbs do not move independently, and he is very soft. He is wearing a dark burgundy sweatshirt that says 'Happy bear' with a small version of his face stitched onto it. He was found when I was 2/3 in a charity shop in Glasgow Scotland. (I'm 17 now). I would really appreciate any help in finding what company made him, where, and if there's any way to buy versions of him now! :)

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