light tan fur bear

by Kerie Leedham
(Sydney Australia )

Can anyone help with the history of this bear?

Can anyone help with the history of this bear?

I have found a teddy bear at a charity shop. It's quite pretty with light tan kind of blond fur. It is dressed in light pink satin dress with light pink lace over the top. There is a darker see-through ribbon on the chest area of the dress with one white and one deeper pink flower with little while bead in the centre. It is also wearing satin light pink hat with one white flower and one darker flower with white beads in the centre worn over the right ear to match the dress. The eyes are a dark brown with a black centre. The nose is a light brown done with needle and thread. Hands are short white fur as are the feet. A card on the left ear says bears by george the middle of the card says my name is and the back of the card reads collectable bear designed in Australia. It also has a Web address of but nothing showed up when we searched it. The tag on the back of the bear reads impressions by George, designed in Australia not suitable for children under three years of age. Made in China all new materials. I am very interested to find out the history of this bear as I love history and would love to know the story behind her. She was very well looked after and deserves her story to be told. I have included photos for her reference.

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