Little Chap

by Keith

He is at least 74 years old may be older as I had him as a child and I believe that he may have a second-hand Teddy Bear due to the war.
He is well-loved and it shows his head is wood shavings and his body is stuffing the arms, legs, and head still move you can see that he was covered in fur but has vanished with use and love.
He is 30cm tall and in proportion, an extensive darning has been done over the years his nose looks original but not the eyes.

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Oct 11, 2023
little chap
by: Gordon Nash.

Looks identical to mine,I am 87 I was given to me as a child.

Jul 14, 2021

by: Kate

What a great looking bear. I must admit he does look his age though, well who wouldn't after 74 years. I wonder if he has lost some stuffing over the years as he does look a little thin.

Hopefully someone will be able to identify him for you.

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