Long blonde mohair humpback bear by unknown maker?

by Jim Lewis
(Sand Springs, OK, USA)

Long blonde mohair humpback bear

Long blonde mohair humpback bear

We are trying to identify an adorable Long blonde mohair teddy bear with glass eyes, long nose and distinct hump back, fully jointed at all limbs and neck. He’s got long arms with upturned paws, each with four distinct claws that are stitched in the same thread as his nose. He has a long snout, and his ears are small and spaced far apart. His nose is vertically stitched, but the threads in his nose have separated a bit so the snout material is visible underneath. He wears what appears to be an original ribbon tied in a bow around the his neck. Discs can be felt in the shoulders and legs at the hips. Presumably, these discs are made of cardboard or very heavy and thick card stock. Body and limbs make a scrunching sound when squeezed indicating that he probably has wood wool stuffing or Excelsior. His arms are significantly longer than his legs, and his arms are turned upwards on each arm at the “wrist”. The original material on all of his paws is gone, leaving only the base material, which is a different color than the base material of the body. The body base material appears darker than the paw material. The bear body has a center seam in the back and seam down the front, which appears to be the final seam by the way it is pulled together. The bear’s arms are seamed top and bottom. Including the paws, they appear to be made of three pieces of material. Legs are seamed in the front terminating at the back in the top of the hip. This adorable bear is approximately 9-1/8”tall.

Our little guy’s hair has thinned and is a little threadbare in many spots, especially his tummy. The remaining hair is in organized tufts, with the base material visible underneath. His snout and paws also show loss of hair, revealing the base material underneath as well. We also shook the bear, and there does not appear to be an internal growler or other sound maker. We did not feel one squeezing him either.
The bear does not have a metal tag or any other type of identifying label anywhere on his body. Unfortunately there is not much provenance as this bear was pulled from an outbuilding barn, and was part of a huge bear collection. The only thing we know for sure is that his previous owner spent a lot of money on bears as he was in the company of over 100 collector bears.
Please help us ID our bear!!!

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