Long eared rabbit with pink embroidered nose

by Sam Knowles
(Sneinton, Nottingham, UK)

My bunny's name was Snowdrop and i had her since i was a baby until i lost her last Sunday in Sneinton, Nottingham, UK. She was white and fluffy but she had gotten grey and less fluffy over the years. She had black marble eyes with red irises and a pink embroidered nose but there was gaps in her embroidery. There was no other colour on her but the pads of her feet and inside of her ears were a different material but still white. Her legs and feet always pointed to the side as you can see in the photo. She had a blue cotton label with big white writing, just one word like the company name but all colour and writing has faded from it so i don't remember what it said. It used to have my mother's voice recording in her stomach but no longer speaks after many bathtimes in the washing machine. She was a medium sized bunny, about the size of my torso if that's any help since i don't have many measurements, I'm a small girl about 5ft 4. She was probably bought in Nottingham around 2002/2003. Ive only just thought to ask my parents if they know where she came from so i can get back to you on that. I hope some of this helps, i would really like to get her back or at least find a replacement. Snowdrop 2.0 or something. Thanks so much, Sam.

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Jan 07, 2024
I have a similar one!
by: Jade

Mine has the same smile, safety eyes, and embroidered pink nose as yours but a different fur colour and style. I think they may be the same brand! I also had mine bought for me but in St. john’s, Newfoundland, Canada around late 2002-early 2003. The only lead I have is it might be an older jelly cat bashful bunny but their archives don’t go past 2010.

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