Long Legged Teddy Bear

by Chloe

long legged teddy bear

long legged teddy bear

I've had this bear since I was a baby, but my parents have no idea where he came from. He was definitely bought as I remember ripping up the label he had (very helpful of me I know). I am guessing he was bought around the year 2000 as that's when I was born, I doubt he would be an expensive brand, more likely from your average hight street shop. He came with a cream and red gingham scarf (lost somewhere in the attic), a sewn reddish thread nose, black boot button eyes. His fur it what is most unique and I'm hoping will help with his identification, its sparse fur that has been added to fabric in lines, even in old pictures he was never fluffy. He has no joints, has flat paws with no additional detail, quite big feet but again no added paw pads or anything. His stuffing is plastic fibre but beans in his butt.

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