Long Lost Pink Teddy Bear

by Meg Walker
(Irons, Michigan, USA)

Pink teddy bear

Pink teddy bear

I'm looking to find this long lost pink bear plush I had when I was around 3 years old. I'm 22 now. My mother believes we got her from a thrift store. I've literally looked ALL over Ebay, Etsy, google images, worthpoint, and EVERY site you can think of. but I haven't seen anything that looks remotely like her. I know some gund and eden brands do look similar to her, but they're not the same bear. So I figured I'd try this website! And who knows, maybe someone even has her in their house! She was medium sized, ALL completely pink, had a velvety (hard) button pink nose, stiff body (like it didn't really bend), eyes far apart, close to the nose, and short and soft fur. she did have this lace collar around her neck and I thought that it was made with her but my mother told me it was from another toy that I had put on her. The bear does not rattle or make any noise. I know, not too much details and I'm sure to everyone else she looks like many pink bears but she's actually very distinctive. I even felt like she looked kind of like a koala because of the way her face is made. I wish I even knew what brand she is! I didn't even know I had a picture of her a couple months ago until I saw my dad had one. I was sooo happy because it's literally all I have left of her. She means the world to me

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