Long Lost Pink Teddybear

by Thomas
(United Kingdom)

Long Lost Pink Teddybear

Long Lost Pink Teddybear

My girlfriend received a teddy bear many years ago when she was a child (2006).

She had kept the teddy bear for years but lost it around 2018-2019 while on vacation. She grew up in Ontario and it was a gift from family. I assume it was a product made somewhere in Canada or the US.

The only image she has left of it is of the back of the teddy with the label showing. It seems to say love on it and some type of text underneath that I can't make out.

From what she has told me the teddy had love written on the front (stomach) and stitched eyes or something like that. She cannot remember what the words on the label said so we cannot find the company who made it.

She says it has long arms and legs also. Other than that she has no other details to give.

Finding the company alone would be a huge step forward. It's her most favourite teddy and I really want to help her find it.

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