Looking for 1990s bear brand

by Christina

Twins with their teddy bears

Twins with their teddy bears

My twin nephews lost their most special stuffed bears, aka Teds, in the Mendocino Complex fire of October 2017. They were given the bears by their grandparents when they were babies, around 1994 or 1995. Bought in California, maybe at Mervyn's or JC Penney. Grandma knitted the bears scarves to match the baby blankets she had knitted for the boys. We are trying to find the same bears to surprise them. I’ve been looking all over eBay, etsy, Google images, etc. with no luck. Does anyone know the brand of these bears?

Things about these bears I’ve noticed that might help identify them:

They are probably around 15" long.
They are floppy, probably not jointed.
Stitches run down the front of their legs.
They do have pads on their hands, not sure if they had pads on their feet.
I think the eyes are solid black.
Eyes are wide set.
The nose is stitched, not plastic.
Their fur is short, not shaggy or curly.

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Sep 09, 2018
Russ Kensington
by: Anonymous

We finally identified the bears as Russ Kensington.

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