Looking For A Very special teddy bear

by Sam
(Hutchinson, KS, US)

My girlfriend had a bear when she was very young that she loved immensely. It was a gift from her grandmother when she was born. I guess somewhere along the way it was donated. She has been looking for the same type of bear without any luck. She describes the bear as being grey with brown markings such as the paws and inside the ears. She said it was in a sitting position but not adjustable. And the bottom (back?) paws did have the little circles as toe markings. She doesnt know if it was maybe white at one time. She said she doesnt remember it having a bow or any other distinguishing characteristics. She has a single picture of her holding the bear and to me it looks white and black with those plastic black eyes and the typical anchor shaped smile but I'll take her word on the colors. I have tried googling every variation and every screenshot I send doesnt seem to fit the teddy she had. I plan on proposing to her and I thought how amazing it would be to have her long lost friend holding the ring. Any help as to the type or even where I could have a duplicate made would be appreciated.

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