Looking for another one like my bear

by jenny Kitchen

I received my bear at birth in 1966, so I am guessing he was "born" some months at least before that. The bear's face has changed a lot over time with new eyes and new mouth. Traditionally the eyes were small, about 5-7mm across with pale blue rim and dark center. The mouth was traditionally a small pink woollen X. Unfortunately, 1 eye was lost many years ago, and was replaced by enormous eyes that even though they were replaced over 40 years ago, I have never really quite taken to their dramatic size. The mouth had unravelled and unfortunately, my instructions to have the mouth resewn were misinterpreted, and he now has pink whiskers instead of a mouth.

In the ears were small bells that jingled when the bear was moved.These too have been damaged in the course of time, with only a muffled jingle from one ear. The fur was a pale blue on the back and an even paler colour on the front. The fur over the pants section is longer than across the front, where it is more velvet like, well it was more velvet like before age crept in. The bear had pink "suspenders" and pink felt feet which were actually only a half moon shape. The bear is quite a flat bear only about 15mm thick and about 20cm long. The bear is an unsual shape - no arms as such but small stumps. It is narrow at the top and wide at the "hips".

My bear is called Sparky and it has been all over the world. I am considering writing a book on Sparky's adventures, but he is getting very worn and fragile and I am concerned that he may disintergrate one day. He is tryly an internatiional traveller having been to Russia during the communist era; been to Libya, Syria, Morocco, and even been on the Kokoda trail in PNG. He has "climbed" a volcano, been on cruises, balloon flights, and even sat in the cockpit of an Airbus.

These days, his adventures are predominately in the Kimberley of WA exploring the beautiful land and scenery that make up this part of the world.
Yet his travelling days are becoming numbered, as like most things, is not immuned to old age. hence my quest to find a similar bear that could serve as Sparky's proxy in future travels.

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