Looking for info on 90s Sparkly Teddy Bear

by Amanda

Hello all!! This brown glittery plush teddy bear was purchased for me in the early 90s from a Mott’s Five and Dime store by my mother and grandmother (located in Watauga, Texas). He’s been with me almost my entire life and has clearly been very loved during that time period. This bear has had multiple “surgeries” where my mother who passed a few years later lovingly stitched him up for me. He remains one of the few items I have to remember her by after she died later in my childhood and thus is very sentimental to me.

He is standard mid size bear, not overly small but the right size for a small child to sleep with. He has flattened out over the years as I used to sleep with my head on his back to keep away bad dreams. His dark eyes are hard glass and his original nose was also a hard plastic material though it fell off during childhood and my mother sewed a button on to replace it. His tag has long worn away so I do not know what brand he was originally - only that he was purchased from Motts likely between 1990-1995. Possibly the most unique identifying feature of this bear is that he has silver strands of fur among his regular brown fur. These pieces seem to be sewn into his fur and look sort of like small pieces of tinsel like you would find on a Christmas tree. He has never been in any other position than the one that is pictured (I.e. he didn’t ever sit, he’s always been flat). If I recall he was not overly stuffed when new, nor was his hair much longer than it appears in the attached picture.

I would greatly appreciate any help identifying him that anyone out there could possible have to offer. If possible, I would like to have some identifying information on him so that I can try to find find another bear of his same line somewhere so that I can pass that bear on to my daughter without jeopardizing my fragile childhood friend.

Thank you so much in advance for any help you can offer.

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Feb 23, 2024
Similar Bear
by: Cassie Nicole

I have a similar bear that my dad got be from a claw machine in southern Oklahoma around 2003-2005. Mine is blue, he just doesn’t have the sparkles! if you find out any information regarding the identification of your bear would please reach out to my facebook?! I have been on a hunt for this bear my entire life. Mine has also had many, MANY surgeries and since I have gone no contact with my parents I can’t find out any further information about my beloved bear let alone get him back in my possession.

Dec 15, 2023
I have a similar bear
by: Brandi

My pink teddy was purchased in Oklahoma in the early 90s and he’s a similar shape and size

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