Looking for information on my old 1990's Teddy Bear.

by Sara Shuh
(Farmington MO)

1990's teddy bear

1990's teddy bear

When I was a baby I was given probably the cutest teddy bear I have ever seen. As a child, in my infinite wisdom, I named him Teddy. I was born in 95 and believe I received the bear shortly after. I believe it was just an old Walmart bear but I have yet to see any one like it. It was a special cloth material, almost like a long underwear material. He has a bow tie, very large round feet, stitched blue eyes, and a felt like nose. The bow tie's color reminds me of old gas station cups. It's pink and blue design is what used to be on most foam cups. I really hope this helps to identify my bear. He doesn't have much value but I'm hoping to pass one down to my niece without having to give my original one away if i can find another one.

Comment from site owner.
well i can honestly say I have never seen a teddy bear like him before. So unfortunately cannot help. let's hope someone else recognizes him. Good Luck. Kate

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