Looking for more info about my bear

by Mike
(Chicago, USA)

Front of my teddy bear

Front of my teddy bear

Have had my bear for almost 30 years now and was looking to see if anyone knew anything about 'em.

The story was that after I was born my mother had taken me to some sort of thrift shop and an old man that worked there said I absolutely had to have the bear. I think it was in more or less the same condition when I was given it (certainly wasn't new but likely was a bit cleaner!), so no idea how old it might be. No tags present so not sure of the brand either.

Anyone out there possibly have any info or a similar bear?

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Feb 06, 2022
My bear!
by: SLH95

Your bear looks very similar to mine.. I have had it since the day I was born and I am trying to find a new one. I have been told by my mother who bought it that she got it at Walmart in 1995 in December. The bear had a red bow tie on its neck and it was in a box. I am searching high and low for a picture of it new.

May 17, 2021
This is a dakin cuddles
by: Bah819

These teddy bears are very special and i am growing my collection i keep each one in a t shirt to protect them for the most part and grew up with these bears most of my life and found 2 back when i was 11 that have and in great condition hope this info helps i love my bears very much then

Mar 01, 2020
I know this bear!
by: Melissa S

I have this same bear - and more importantly have purchased a replacement for it recently.
Mine looks identical to this and is a 1979 Dakin "Cuddles" bear.

Jan 27, 2020
Info about very similar bear
by: Gina

My husband has a VERY similar bear, from what I can see in the pictures. The only differences are that 1) the tail on my husband's is attached horizontally, rather than vertically, 2) the nose is made of many stitches of black yarn/thread, whereas yours looks like it's a shiny plastic, and 3) my husband's has a shiny bow that is just about the same color as the bear itself.

The tag on my husband's bear says:
PA REG. NO. 110

Dec 23, 2019
I know this bear ❤️
by: Laura

Hey, I’m 30yrs old and I have a twin sister. Her favourite teddy is called ‘big ted’ .... he’s the exact same as the one in your pic. It made me cry seeing it❤️

Oct 23, 2019
Little bear
by: Jessica

Hello my name is Jessica I’m 22 and had a got a bear like this when I was 2 and it got lost on a family road trip when I was around 10 I have been looking for a bear that looks like my bear if you know what kind of bear this is PLEASE LET ME KNOW my email is jessicamariesalinas9717@gmail.com

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