Looking for more info about my childhood toy...

by Julie
(London, UK)

childhood teddy bear

childhood teddy bear

I have had my bear since I was a small child and was given him as a hand-me-down at the time, so he is definitely at least 40+ years old. I’m looking to find the maker to buy one for my own child. Originally (when I received him, anyway) he had a blue bow around his neck which has since been replaced and lost many times over. His eyes are plastic and his nose (though mostly missing) was stitched in in dark brown fabric. He is made of a fairly unique material that I’m not shre how to describe, it’s not particularly soft and is definitely not a natural mohair but doesn’t feel like recent bears either, but perhaps that’s due to age. His arms are attached loosely to his sides with no joints and have no palms and he had a stubby tail. He is a medium brown shade and his belly, ears, muzzle and bottoms of his feet are a lighter brown colour but the same material as the rest. He has no stiffness in his limbs or body but can still sit up on his own because of the way he is shaped. There is the end of the tag on the left side of his bum but he tag is long gone and there are no words on the bit that is left. I’m not sure what he is filled with but I’m pretty sure it’s synthetic. He is probably about 50cm tall, although I have not measured. I would love to find out where he comes from and hopefully get a second bear.

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