Looking for more info about teddy bear

Hello. I am looking for the name, company of the bear visible in the photos. Unfortunately the tag is missing so I don't even know who manufactured it. Its origin is probably from Europe and the date of its creation is in the 90s or 2000s. Its height is about 30/35 cm. The teddy bear is light brown/golden, and its coat is short and not coarse (possibly plush). The teddy bear itself is quite hard, but at the same time pleasant to the touch. He has black eyes close to each other (probably made of plastic). The nose is sewn with black thread, then further corrected. It has large, protruding ears. Its limbs are long and even thick. The paws are made of a material that is not covered with plush (I do not know if it has been like that since new). His clothes are probably not original either.I haven't found a trace of him on the whole internet. Thanks for your help!

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