Looking for the maker of a Sleepy Time/ Talking Teddy Bear about 20-30 years old

by Marissa Van Dusen
(Houston, Texas USA)

Me and my husband are looking for the maker of a teddy bear that's 20-30 years old that his grandmother gave me two Christmases ago and who just passed away. It was a standard size brown teddy bear that wore a night cap and night gown that were a mint green color with pink lollipops on it. The material was cotton and Velcro up the front. Because of this, I think his name was Candy Bear, to our surprise once we finally looked at his small label, because we always called him Sleepy Time due to the cap and gown. He also had some sort of voice box or noise box in his chest which had long since stopped working.

I think Mater told me it made a snoring sound. His nose had a velvety feel to it and he had hard plastic eyes. The story is that one of the first times I was over at my husband's grandparents' house, I fell asleep in the den cuddled up with that bear and then that Christmas she decided to give him to me because I liked him so well and it really made me feel a part of the family. About 6 months ago, I had to relocate and in the process I left some of my stuff at my brother's house. We had a falling out and he refused to give me my things and instead left them in boxes by the curb near the house for it to rain on, and people inevitably came by and picked through my stuff. This bear was such a gem that it's no wonder he fell into the hands of someone else and I just pray that he went to a good home, to a child that would really love him. I don't have any pictures of the bear, but he was with me during a lot of hard times and my husband is quite angry that my brother allowed the bear to be taken, especially in light of the fact that his grandmother just passed away several weeks ago.
If there's any help anyone can provide, I would be truly grateful, because we would like to find the maker (if it's even still around) and possibly get a replica of the bear.

Hopefully I have provided enough details...it's hard to give a physical description of an emotion that was so much attached with him. I have other teddy bears, and they are my little bear children! Please help me find my bear son!

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