Looking for the maker of my first teddy

by Billy
(Manchester England )

Teddy bear in red pajamas

Teddy bear in red pajamas

First teddys are a big thing in my family and with a daughter on the way i've been on the search for the right teddy. i would love to get her one similar to the one i have.

Hes about 2ft tall. been well loved and repaired by my grandad over the years so there were no stitches when he was new. has a paw print design with a nightcap. Im 26 this year so the teddy was bought in 1994.

any help on finding the brand/maker would be so appreciated.

hoping someone maybe bought one for a friend or child back n the day and recognises it. there are no tags on the teddy and no identifying marks on the foot or ear.

thanks in advance

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