Looking to Identify Age/Origins of Teddy Bear

by Joey
(United States)

Teddy bear with fuzzy, light brown nose

Teddy bear with fuzzy, light brown nose

I got it from a local thrift store and know none of its background, it doesn’t have any tags that could indicate a brand or origin on it but it does have a stitch spot where somebody might have sewn it up. It’s pretty large, and has a fuzzy, light brown nose, the fur is very coarse and rough and I have no clue what the fur is made out of. I believe the eyes are made of plastic, and it has stitchings that go around all of its limbs. There are pads on the feet and hands that are the same color and texture as it’s snout. The snout is extended off of the face of the bear and has a mouth located underneath it, with a sewn in indent to make it more realistic. The ears also have a different colored patch on the inside to add to the look of the bear. It has a stubby tail that has no other different colors or textures, it is the same color and texture as the majority of the bear. I had never seen a stuffed animal like it before, and decided to purchase it. My mother says it might be from the 80s or 90s. I couldn’t find any trace of tag or lettering on where it may have come from and it looks too “perfect” to be homemade, although that could still be a possibility. I would really like to find out a closer time frame to when this bear could of been produced or handmade, and if produced, what brand it was made under. It might not be as old as I think, but it is still a very interesting stuffed animal. I can be contacted at Joeymj2019@gmail.com. Any feedback or insight into the origins of this bear would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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