Looking To Identify And Value Open Mouth Teddy Bear

by Neill Bartlett
(Melbourne, Australia )

Open Mouth Teddy Bear

Open Mouth Teddy Bear

This unique old teddy bear is in excellent condition. He has a very bear like snout and open mouth with tongue and three holes in upper mouth where teeth once were. Under tongue there are nine holes for teeth. He is a short fur bear with leather or leather like paw pads. He has a slight back hump. ALL arm and leg joints are moveable. His body is hard filled, possibly a straw like filling that crackles when squeezed. He stands approximately 45cm tall. Unfortunately there are no tags or id on the bear so I am looking for anyone who might know what brand this bear might be and a possible value as I am looking to sell. My feeling this bear may have been created with the Theodore Roosevelt story in mind ... whether it is a commercial produced bear from possibly the 1950s or maybe even a department store prototype?

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