Looks Like 1904 Gund

by Smiths Picker's
(Story city, ia. U,s.a.)

Is this a Gund bear

Is this a Gund bear

I found this bear at a thrift store for a dollar 50 and I looked and looked and looked annoying I could see that was close was a gund bear on eBay from 1904 this bear is about 14 inches high he sits everything rotates he's got joints except for his head head stays in one place his left ear is quite a bit bigger than the right ear I don't know if that means it had a tag in it or what the eyes appear to be glass it appears to be mohair it's got the same seams and everything as the old 1904 gund bear I guess as far as his color goes I would say that it's closest to White except for that is pads or kind of a light chocolate brown as you can see from the pictures he's just soft and cuddly he's very clean that you can see it's my guess he's been inside of a glass cabinet someplace he hasn't collected any dust or wear. We are all me making a hypothesis what make of bear He Is We were hoping maybe somebody could tell us

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