Lost Teddy bear that i'm trying to replace

by Jonathan Hicks
(Natchitoches, LA USA)

Brown Tedyy Bear

Brown Tedyy Bear

Hi. I'm trying to find a replacement for a teddy bear that was recently lost. It is about 16" in length. It is obviously very worn in the picture so i'm sure it was much fluffier when new. The closest one i've found is maybe a Limonwood Asia 16" from around 1988. I'm looking into whether it had a bow or anything when it was new but the coloring is very similar to this one. My girlfriend has had this bear since she was born and still sleeps with it every night. She is 25 and this is really the only thing she has from her child hood so it is very important to her. She was born in 1991 so it was purchased somewhere around then in the New Hampshire area. My son who is 7 also has a similar bear that came from Build a bear so this has become a thing that they both have their "Teddy". It has been a bonding thing for them as she will be his stepmom soon. If anyone has any ideas what it might be i would appreciate it. I'm not sure how to get 400 words out of this but Thank you for considering!

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