Lost/Confiscated Childhood Teddy Bear ID Wanted

by Zach
(Redmond, WA, USA)

childhood teddy bears

childhood teddy bears

Hey everyone - my girlfriend told me a terribly sad story when we first were getting to know each other at a deeper level about her only stuffed animal she ever kept long term as a child being confiscated from her abusive mother as a child. I don't want to go into deep details, but all she has left of it is a picture from when she was under 6 months old and was first given the bear at a relatives house alongside other bears. Hers was the multi-color bear on the far right. My goal is to find the specific bear and attempt to buy her a matching one as a gift. I know it would mean a lot to her and I appreciate anyone's willingness/ability to find a match. The photo attached would have been taken in 1997. Thank you.

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