Lovely Old Teddy Bear

by Elio
(Perth west Australia)

Lovely Old teddy bear

Lovely Old teddy bear

My bear is gold in color.

It is aprox 50cm or 20 inches tall.the eyes are ruby with black pupils.the head is constructed with a triangle formed between the ears and narowing to the nose.the nose is loop stitching while the mouthis formed bi a small. Down stitch and 2 double long stitches extending downward at 45 degrees.the back of the head is formed with a similar triangle to the front from ears narowing to middle of neck.the body apears to be 2 panels stitched down front and down back.
The arms and legs are hinged and can rotate 360 degreesbottom of feet and palms apear to be cream leather.thearms and legs seem to be filled with something fibtmrous like straw or the like which crackles when squeezed.the body mey also be filled with same but tummy feels slightly softer.head seems to be filled as arms and legs.the finel closure stitching is from middle of back of neck to back waist.there seems to be a nois maker inside that makes a duck like noise when shaken.

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