Lovely small bear , any help with identification please?

by marie Bishop
(Boston, UK.)



I got this bear from out of a bin at work. I saw his face and just fell in love with him.

I am not a collector at all, so have no idea on how to date him. So any help would be appreciated.
He is 15" to the top of ears, mohair, soft pads ( possibly some type of corduroy)on all paws, nails sewn in hands but not feet.
he has a rectangular/square nose and glass eyes.
His head and body are hard, possibly sawdust? his arms and legs are softer, not sure what the stuffing in. He has a slight hump at the back of his neck, and his head is articulated
I can see some of the thread used to sew him up, it's a slight tan/orange color.
There are no labels or marks.

I have named him Edwin and I would very much like to know anything about him.. and also the best way to look after him, going forward.
Thank you for your help in advance.

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