Maci - 1938 Hungary

by Michele Kennedy
(Victoria, Australia )

Hi all,

I have this very old and handsome bear Maci (pronounced Mutzy). He was gifted to my father in 1938 as his 4th birthday present. It was quite the gift for that time and being in Hungary, such luxury items were scarce.

He has patchy and worn honey colour mohair fur. I'm unsure of his stuffing. Possibly straw type wood or wool. (Only from other sites I have read.) I don't want to poke at him too much. There is no sign of a label on him anywhere. I'm not sure what his paws say about his build either. He has a growler in full working order. I'm pretty sure his eyes are glass. All of his joints are moveable. He would stand about 22".

Maci is dressed in tailor made clothing, cobbled shoes to match and accessorised with traditional Hungarian sash with decanter. His handkerchief is embroidered with my Dad's name.

Maci has been well loved and has suffered some injuries along his way. A restoration effort was applied many decades ago.

I'm Interested to see any other bears similar. I've never seen one remotely like Maci. Definitely not dressed as he is.

What do you do with your bears? Are they centrepieces or guarded prized possessions? Do you keep them in your family line or is it your quaint hobby? Are there bear exhibits that occur?

I'm in Australia, so it's a smaller part of the world. I would like to see a showing of classic bears one day. Not just on the internet.

Thanks for reading and viewing 😀

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