Mammaw's Teddy Bear Collection

by Gloria
(Waynesboro PA)

Teddy bear collection

Teddy bear collection

I'm hoping someone can tell me more about this collection. The bear collection was given to me years ago by my grandmother, recently I rediscovered the bear collection while going through some items. As I recall, she mentioned the bears were given to her to admire as a small child years ago, which would have been back in the early 1900’s. She was born in 1904 and the bear collection may have came here from Bavaria Germany, but I’m not sure, but do know some of our ancestors came from there. The jointed moving bears all appear to be in good condition and as generations past, so was the story to “just lightly touch at times and look and admire”, which continued. My guesstimate is that the bears are around 100 years old.

The bears are light brown in color, short haired. The tallest bear is about 7” in length standing, smaller bears are about 3 ½” in length standing and the basket is about 2 ½” length by about 2” wide with an old looking Easter-grass look, “as the honey”, as I been told. Picture 407 is of the bear collection, picture 638 is one of the baby bears, picture 502 is of the mother bear.

I am hoping someone can identify this collection and tell me more about it and what the bear collection is worth.

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