Maybe a schudo bear

by Jess Gardner
(South Wales)

Schudo bear

Schudo bear

Hello there, my name is Jess Gardner and I live in South Wales UK. I'm a bear addict. I recently purchased this bear -along with a similar slightly smaller one- off ebay. He has glass eyes and a stitched on mouth and nose. His arms and legs move but his head is fixed. His arms and legs are held in place with a kind of plastic pin.He's 6inches tall. Seems rundown the front of his body and limbs.I didn't pay much for both bears. I just love the look on the face of this one who I have named Walter.He looks kind of grumpy. His body is quite stiff so I presume he is filled with sawdust or something similar. The lady I bought the bears off seemed to think that they were possibly from Germany but she can't be sure. I'd love to know a little more about the bear such as possible age. It doesn't bother me as to weather he's worth anything or not. I'd just be grateful if you could tell me what kind of bear he is please. Of course if you do have an idea as to how much he is worth I would also be grateful for that information too.
Kind regards Jess and Walter

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