McKinley My Polar Bear

by Steve

McKinley my Russ Berrie Bear

McKinley my Russ Berrie Bear

I never really had a teddy bear when I was a child, I don't know why. So I have no early fond memories of playing with a bear or even really seeing one when I was very young. It is only now as an adult I have found my love of them.

McKinley is my favourite bear as he looks more like a Polar bear than a teddy bear. He also has very soft lovely fur and looks like he may have attended Cambridge collage as some time in his life, according to his scarf.

Mckinley was bought for me over 15 years ago by my partner in Brighton, England. Brighton is a seaside resort so we must have been there for a few days holiday and knowing my partner he may have done something to upset me and so decided to try and make up for it by giving me this bear. Anyway I love it and he has pride of place in my room.

Mckinley is a Russ Berrie bear by the way

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